Camper Information


The Practical Sturtevant Camp

Five things every person needs to bring when staying in the guest cabins:

  1. Change of clothes, appropriate for the season and predicted weather.
  2. Towel and toiletries, including shampoo and soap.
  3. Flashlight or headlamp.
  4. Bug spray (spring and summer).
  5. Water bottle (for the trail).

What your group needs to bring:

  • Food and drinks besides water.
  • Depending on your menu, you might need stuff for preparing your food like aluminum foil, vegetable oil.
  • Tip for coffee hounds: Starbucks instant Via is hands-down the best way to have good coffee at camp.
  • The camp often has left over staples such as condiments, syrup, oil, coffee, etc. Check with the camp before you shop.

What the Camp provides for you:

  1. The cabins include covered mattresses, sheets, blankets, pillows, and wall heaters.
  2. The bathhouse has hot showers and sinks, flush toilets and toilet paper.
  3. The main kitchen is commercial-style with everything needed to serve groups up to 60, including table-service, silverware, drinking glasses and hot beverage mugs.
  4. The main kitchen also has salt & pepper, most common spices, paper towels, hand towels, hot mitts, dish soap and trash-bags/containers.
  5. Weber 22-inch BBQ grill.
  6. Drinking water.
  7. Electricity, in the evenings (carefully monitored to sustain the limited supply – only available for lighting from dusk to 10 pm then headlamps are needed).
  8. Firewood.
  9. Trash removal. Your trash will be packed out by the friendly donkeys.

About Water:

    Water at camp is spring fed and is treated weekly to match the standards for potable water according to L.A. County, but it is not certified by the County because we do not have the automated treatment system required by the County. Bottled water is also provided for those that are uncomfortable with the standards.

What you DON’T need to bring:

  • Your cell or smart phone, because it won’t work (Verizon sometimes from the heliport.)*
  • Anything related to your job.
  • Firearms and/or anything that plugs in.

* Check with your host about emergency communications.

What’s available in Camp:

  • The Big Swing, a small zip-line, badminton / volleyball, shuffleboard and horseshoes; ping pong, various board games, and of course, unlimited hiking.
  • Also: the outdoor chapel, and the nature trail out to the canyon overlook (good for night-time stargazing.)


  • Dogs are welcome in camp.
  • However, you are fully responsible for your pet.  Cleanup outside activity, any inside accidents, no digging, and you need to control barking.  Please only bring you best friend if they get along with others (four-legged and two-legged).  You are sharing the camp with others.

What YOU do:

  • Sturtevant Camp operates like a hostel: you do your own cooking and kitchen clean-up, and you’re asked to clean-up your cabin prior to check-out.
  • Check-in & out: Friday check-in starts 4pm; on Saturday and other days by arrangement with your host; Sunday check-outs start by 10am and are final by noon.
  • Group leaders and parents: the camp is located in true wilderness, and operates under special conditions. Therefore the host will meet with you on arrival, and set a time for a brief orientation with your group or family. The purpose is insure a safe, positive experience that sends you home healthy and happy, and leaves the camp in good condition for the next group.

Packing In / Out of Your Items:

  • Consider having Adams’ Pack Station pack in your food and personal items.  Think about how great your stay will be if you can eat things besides backpacking food or drink your favorite beverage. Plus you do not need to carry your personal items up. The cost is a mere 50 cents a pound.
  • Adams’ Pack Station only packs to Sturtevant Camp on Fridays. You need to have your items to the pack station by 7:30 am the Friday of your weekend stay. You are welcome to bring the items up during the week or the weekend before. The Pack Station can store everything and refrigerate any perishable items.
  • Items you want packed out come out the following Friday.

Final Payment / Check-In / Parking

  • Full payment for the Retreat Cabin and Honeymoon Cottage is made at the time you made your reservation. There are no refunds for cancellations.
  • Final payment for other cabins is due by the Thursday before your weekend stay. Select “Payments” from the Reservation menu to remit your payment.
  • Check-in at Adams’ Pack Station prior to hiking in. This means that your group must check-in prior to 5 pm. Plan for at least a two hour hike.
  • Parking is at a premium. If you arrive on Friday, you should not have a problem parking. Purchase an adventure pass for $5/day from the pack station (one for each day of your trip). If you arrive on Saturday, you have two choices: 1) purchase an adventure pass for both Saturday and Sunday ($10 total) and park in the parking lot or along the road; 2) Park at Adams’ Pack Station for $30.

Each group is assigned a volunteer host who will be with you at camp, ready to help you have a memorable mountain experience.  Tips are welcome.

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